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If you have just registered, your account will be activated between 24-48 hours.

Once your account is activated, you will see the “Manage Property Listing” on the left menu.

My Profile

Update your profile with name and contact information. These information will show up on the property listings page.

Each agent has their own profile page and they can edit the information to be shown on the “Listing Details” and “Agent Details” page. Uploading a profile picture is highly recommended.

Note: Do not forget to click on the finalize button after filling the profile page.

Add Listing

This menu is for adding/editing listings on your website.


This is the last step of adding/editing a property. This step is mandatory otherwise the property will not show on the frontend of the website.

Note: Finalizing is required for either adding and/or editing actions.

Mandatory Fields

Some fields are mandatory. This means that in order to finalize the property, these fields are required and need to be filled in; otherwise, the property cannot be displayed.

Important Items for Adding a Property

These items are important when you are adding a property:

  • Listing Type
  • Property Type
  • Price (and Price Type if needed)
  • Address
  • Property Description
  • Rooms/Bedrooms and Toilets
  • Property Gallery

To have a better interface on your property listing or property show page, it is highly recommended that you include high quality pictures for your property.

Note: Maximum file size for each image is 500MB.

Listing Manager

This is where you see all your listings.


In order for a property to appear on the frontend, it needs to be published/confirmed. Unpublished or unconfirmed properties will not show on the property listings or the property show page.


By using this action, you can temporarily delete a property from the website. The benefit of this feature is that you can easily restore the property whenever you want.


If you want to permanently delete a property, you would use this option. It will delete all of the property’s data from the database and
will also remove all property files and images from the server.


To see the property details on a property show page, you can select to view it. The property must be finalized first in order to view it on the frontend.


To view the property wizard and make changes to the property, you can choose this option.

Mass Actions

For deleting/confirming/purging several or all properties altogether, you can use the mass action button. Select the desired properties you wish to make changes to and click on “Mass Buttons” at the top of the page to apply them to all.